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About Us

  • Elegante was created and founded in 2013 with a commitment to bring the latest professional beauty products to US market.
  • Elegante firmly believes that women today are more conscious and determined to create that Salon professional look.
  • Elegante was inspired by the advancement of scientific and technological features of the beauty products that is easily available to satisfy every woman’s desire.
  • Elegante’s dedication and determination to achieve a stellar reputation while providing women with best quality, innovative and wide range of designs in beauty products.
  • Elegante provides professional salon products with cutting edge Nano-technology combined with Far-Infrared heating elements that give a stunning impressive look.
  • The latest scientific and microscopic research of the elements in the beauty products, Far-Infrared heat produces negative-ions that remove static, frizz resulting in a more relax, manageable look. The positive ions help to seal the hair cuticles locking in moisture for great professional salon look.
  • Nano technology gives you a superior performing treatment product that dramatically improves the construction of damaged hair by restoring hair back to its optimum condition.
  • Elegante’s selection of beauty products is specially hand picked with their customers’ satisfaction a priority, and our main purpose is to present women at home or busy professional with impeccable, high quality beauty products.
  • Elegante was inspired by the desire of women to maintain beautiful and healthy hair.
  • Elegante is savvy about the latest technological innovation and beauty products to compliment that professional look.